The History and Mission of Agence Immobilière Doncaster


oncaster 2010 is a real estate agency specialising in the sale of lakefront and recreational properties in the central Laurentians around Ste-Agathe-des-Monts. Originally founded in 1985 as Doncaster Realties Inc., it consolidated the experience and clientele of Pat Paré, her son Joseph Graham and her daughter-in-law Sheila Eskenazi. Pat Paré began selling Laurentian real estate in 1962 as the country property expert for Westmount Realties. Joseph Graham followed in her footsteps working for Royal Trust in 1981 and Sheila Eskenazi began when Pat Paré retired in 1985. In 2008, Jessica Million expressed a desire to be involved and, over the course of the following two years, she has acquired the assets of the original company, transforming it into Agence Immobilière Doncaster. She has a special connection, not just with the values of the company, but also with Doncaster, South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.

The role of a real estate agency is to broker the transfer of real property while increasing the desirability of the community to those who have a stake in it. We believe that to do this effectively requires a deep commitment to the community at large.

To that end, a real estate agency needs to identify and promote its market community. We have identified ours as those regions and properties used mainly for recreational, weekend and holiday purposes. In order to promote them, we have studied where their users come from and what values they espouse. This has led us to the discovery of the long history of recreational and complementary uses of our area, and the nature of the many small associations and communities that surround the different lakes and mountains that make up the geography of the region.

We have also discovered a rich and varied past that includes the tuberculosis hospitals and the role they played, the many hotels, inns and camps, and the deep roots that we have in Montreal. We have discovered that this is the vacation spot of choice for the so-called Anglophones of Montreal, and we have found that many of our residents identify more strongly with their communities in this region than they do with any other place.

Our goal is the promotion of our shared history and the enhancement of communication and understanding between the communities. Please enjoy your visit to our web site. We hope you will see it as a link to the greater Ste-Agathe community.