What's it Worth?


he following articles first appeared in the Donaster Ballyhoo under the heading "What's it Worth" on the dates indicated within each text.

Table of Contents:
  1. A Rule of Thumb
  2. Does Uniqueness Add Value to a Country Property?
  3. Why Do I Want To Sell?
  4. How Much of it is Really Yours?
  5. How to Price It
  6. The Value of Neighbourhood
  7. Crystallizing the Capital Gain on Your Country Property
  8. When and How to Put It on the Market
  9. What is a Hidden Defect?
  10. Servitudes
  11. It's Up To Each of Us
  12. An Affair of the Heart
  13. What About Mosquito Spray?
  14. Is the Whole Greater Than the Sum of the Parts?
  15. The Goods and Services Taxes
  16. The Storm-damaged Trees
  17. The Value of a Professional Inspection
  18. Becoming a Non-resident
  19. "I Can't Find a Decent Worker"
  20. Preparing Your House for Sale
  21. Well, Well, Well
  22. The Hilltops Offered More Than a View
  23. The Mont Tremblant Effect
  24. A Seller's Market? Here?
  25. Insurance Problems
  26. Mount Sinai Hospital
  27. Private Spaces
  28. Do you own what you think you own?
  29. Revisiting the Ratio